MSK Injection Request

Please complete the form below to request an MSK Injection. A doctor will triage your application to check your suitability. A member of staff will then be in touch to inform you of an appointment or if your are ineligible, is it is very important that you include all of your details and that they are correct. Do not use this function for any requests other than MSK injection requests as these will not be processed.

*** This request form cannot be used unless your previous injection was preformed in Tramways Medical Centre and the request is for the same site i.e. you cannot request an injection in your knee if the previous was in your hand etc. ***

MSK Injection Request
Please use format day/month/year e.g. 12/05/1979
Have you had a previous MSK Injection?
Book a triage appointment with a GP, call any morning at 8.30am.
Was this within the last 6 months?
Wait until it is 6 months after last injection and complete form again.
What side of your body was the injection?
Location of left side injection
Location of right side injection

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