Register with us as a New Patient

If you live within a four mile radius the medical centre, you are welcome to register with us and our reception staff will be happy to guide you through the procedure. Medical treatment is available from the date of registration. If you leave in a registration form please make sure you have a valid photographic ID and proof of address within the last three months. You will also need to complete a controlled drug reduction agreement. Failure to provide any of these documents will result in a delay in the registration process.

When presenting to register you will need the following:

  • HS200 for NORTHERN IRELAND & UK Residents ONLY. This form must be completed if you wish to register with our practice. You will also be required to supply Photographic ID & Proof of a current Northern Ireland address. (Please refer to our registration policy below).                             
  • HSC/R1 –  This form is used for individuals entering Northern Ireland coming from any any other country OUTSIDE the UK. You will also be required to supply Photographic ID & Proof of a current Northern Ireland address. Any person registering from outside the EU must submit a copy of their Visa or Work Permit. 
  • Tramways Medical Centre controlled drug reduction agreement form.

Registration Form

Please download and complete the forms below:

If your application is refused

If you live over a certain distance away from a practice, or if it has closed its patient list, the practice may refuse your application. If this happens, you should contact the Business Services Organisation and ask them to put your name on a doctor’s list in your area.

Registering your baby

You need to fill in a GRO 4 Birth Registration Form. The General Registry Office will give you this when you register your baby’s birth. Bring this form to the GP’s surgery to register your baby as a patient. 

New Patient Checks

(This service has been suspended during COVID-19 pandemic)

If you are joining us and are over five years old you will be invited to attend for a new patient check. This is a 15 minute appointment with the Practice Nurse to take some details of your medical history and check your height, weight, blood pressure and urine. This is important because at first we will not have your medical records and this information helps us to find out a little about you initially. Please make every effort to attend.

Organ Donation

Most people would accept an organ if they needed one. Not surprising really. Yet only 49% of us have signed the NHS Organ Donor Register.

Last year 11 people died in Northern Ireland waiting for an organ transplant. By signing the register and talking to your family about your decision you could help save the lives of up to nine people.

Please be advised when signing documents to become an Organ Donor patients must be 18 or over. Parents or guardians signing on behalf of under 18’s is not acceptable.