Sexual Health

Sexual Health Service GUM

The Sexual Health Clinic provides free testing for all sexually transmitted infections, free sexual health advice, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, Hepatitis A and B and HPV vaccinations for at risk individuals, HIV testing and access to Post Exposure Prophylaxis following sexual risk (PEPSE) and discussion and onward referral for those seeking PrEP (HIV prevention). We also provide information for victims of sexual assault

Looking after your sexual health

If you are sexually active, key ways to protect your sexual health include:

  • always using a condom;
  • using contraception to prevent unplanned pregnancy;
  • limiting your number of sexual partners;
  • getting tested for sexually transmitted infections.

Find out more about how to look after your sexual health.

You can also obtain confidential and free advice and information to support you and your family from Family support NI

Sexual health Northern Ireland aimed at young people and adults, offers information and advice on how to look after your sexual health. It also highlights the services available where you can get more help and advice.

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